"As a couple, my husband and I are totally in love and happy.  We have been nurturing our safe and connected attachment like you taught us, and it is the biggest gift of all. I think I can speak for both he and I when I say we have to pinch ourselves to believe how abundant life is for us.  I'm tearing up at the thought of it.  What a miracle.  We are forever grateful we found you and got to do the work that gave us the marriage we have today."

"We are big fans of Emotionally Focused Couples Counseling as Laurie practices it. We'd gotten stuck in a rut in our marriage, and Laurie's active and sensitive listening and great insights showed us ways to listen to each other when we believed we'd heard it all already. Laurie's use of this method guided us to speak less from disappointment and anger and more from our heart, leading us to reaffirm our love and care for each other. Laurie's way of working is not only effective, it's efficient. We were ready to practice on our own after only ten sessions, with occasional tune-ups" ~D&D, Longmont

"Laurie's presentation is wonderful. She is dynamic, sensitive to everyone's needs, and very personable."

"Laurie showed us that any marriage takes work. We had lost the ability to be kind to each other and communicate effectively. Laurie has given us tools to move past our resentment and frustration to not only love each other but like each other again. Her support and encouragement has been unparalleled. Without her we would not have been able to break our harmful patterns and get back on track."

"With meaningful material, Laurie provides techniques that enhance everyday living."

"Laurie is great! Her special gift is that she models how to let go and live in the moment. She allows.."

"Laurie has helped me deal with life's challenges in a healthy way. I feel God led me to her. She has been so instrumental in my life; an angel sent by God."

"I was as skeptical as anyone that a procedure so simple, requiring so little time could be so effective. I was terrified of water that was over my head so taking scuba lessons seemed insane. I barely made it through the confined water classes and totally freaked out on my first open water dive, and quit. Laurie taught me a Thought Field Therapy algorithm, and presto! My water phobia was gone. I breezed through my confined water review course and completed twelve open water dives within the next two and a half weeks. It worked for me."

What People is saying about the "Hold me tight, Let me go" Workshop:

What I liked best about the workshop:

Teens: "FINALLY, family conversation!" "family discussions" "being able to talk with an open mind" "the first explanation video about the people with the signs"

Parents: "The interactive activities." "The family time." "The opportunity to talk as a family."

How has this workshop made a difference in your family life?:

Teens: "It's given me and my mom some better understanding about how we each feel." "I think it helped us understand each other more." "Better listening." "I was able to explain myself."

Parents: "Opened up in new ways to talk to my child." "I hope the kids felt heard!" "Stop, ask, and listen from the perspective of my teen. " "Understanding my kid." "The kids told us some really important stuff!"

What was the most helpful concept you learned?:

Teens: "Talking" "Knowing the specific emotions and thoughts that go on in my mom's head." "It's ok to speak your mind and get things off your chest. I've used it on the breaks." "Communication."

Parents: "Empathy." "The prompts in the workbook." "That I can really disagree with what my child is saying but still hear it. I tried to talk very little." "The creation of space and time to connect." "Self-compassion." "I like the list of feelings/behaviors for parents and teens."

How do you plan to maintain the knowledge you have gained?:

Teens: "Continue to have helpful dialogue." "By continuing to talk to people." "Practicing and acknowledging the emotions." "By using it on a daily basis."

Parents: "Keep making time to talk, acknowledge, and hear form the people I love." "When my kids advise me to 'shut up and go away', don't take it personally." "This is a way to keep talking as a family."

What would you suggest we say to other parents/teens about the value of this workshop?:

Teens: "It's nice to have my parent actually listen without trying her input." "Communication and listening to each other." "Talking!"

Parents: "This is a chance to do a positive reset as a family." "The growth to be had is equal to the vulnerability that I demonstrate, my child demonstrates, as well as the whole group."

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