How Does Therapy Work?

This is a question that has a different answer for every person. The main objective of therapy is to help the client to improve the quality of his or her life. Therapy might work by allowing a person to talk about their personal problems. It might try to alleviate symptoms of a clinical disorder. It might help someone navigate the grieving process after a loss.

For therapy to be most effective the client needs to be open to the idea of therapy. Many topics covered in therapy are very personal and difficult to discuss, However, the more open a person is the more he or she will get out of therapy. I can help in this process by being welcoming and forming a good relationship with my client.

If you have questions about how I can help you and your specific situation please give me a call. We can discuss what methods will be used, develop a plan of action, and show you how therapy can help improve your well-being.

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