Anger Management

Anger is an emotion that we all experience. It can be spurred by disappointment, shame, confusion, sadness, and other negative emotions.  Often, anger is a secondary emotion which covers feelings of hurt, fear or sadness. The way that we express our anger can take many forms, and it is important for a person's mental and physical health to effectively manage and release anger.

Some people have difficulty expressing their anger in a healthy way, and this can lead to serious problems. Some will react with hostility, rage, violence, or self-destructive behavior. This puts the person experiencing anger, and anyone around, them in potential danger. Releasing anger in this manner can cause one to hurt ones self or others, to say or do things that cannot be taken back, or even get a person into legal trouble. High levels of stress or the use of drugs and alcohol can increase the likelihood that someone will react to feelings of anger in an unhealthy way.

Other people experience the problem of holding all of their anger inside. They may seem calm and collected externally, but bottling up one's anger can lead to other problems. It can cause depression or anxiety if not dealt with properly.  Unexpressed anger can also "build up" until it eventually reaches a crisis point.

If you are having trouble managing your anger seeing a therapist can benefit you. I can help you develop effective ways to release and manage your anger. Channeling your anger into another activity (i.e. writing, running, working out, etc.) can provide an outlet where that anger can be used in a positive manner. Speaking to a therapist about what makes you angry and figuring out why can help you manage your anger moving forward.

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